As artists we are always developing. I started this site some years ago to monitor my progress at art classes. Some areas have improved faster than others and I expect this to continue to be an interesting journey. Constructive comments are always welcome. Steve.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Loch Etive and the Isle of Mull

Painted in acrylic on the shore of Loch Etive at our evening class yesterday. Looking east to the hills on the isle of Mull. The weather had turned cooler after a prolonged dry spell and beams of sunlight sneaked through the dark clouds out over the Atlantic.
Acrylic 16"x 12". Predominantly knife work with some brushwork to finish off.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

On beach south of Benderloch

Two views from the same beach just south of Benderloch village.
Both are pastel 12"x 9"

Looking east to the Isle of Mull as dusk approaches.

Looking east towards the cottage earlier in the evening.

Rhugarbh, north of Benderloch

Evening looking towards the Morvern hills.
Pastel 12"x 9"