As artists we are always developing. I started this site some years ago to monitor my progress at art classes. Some areas have improved faster than others and I expect this to continue to be an interesting journey. Constructive comments are always welcome. Steve.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Art group challenges

This was the result of a challenge posed by an internet art group to produce a work from a photo they supplied - but done in just one session. I used pastels - don't know the location, but guess probably USA.

I called this acrylic piece "Glen Presto" as it was done fairly quickly just using paints which were "leftovers" on my palette.

This is a charcoal and white chalk work on paper. The scene is from a 1960's photo of a steam train leaving Benderloch station. The challenge was to "extend" the composition onto the mount or frame.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dusk Fishing Lad.

My attempt at making a rough copy of Walter Dendy Sadler's - Fishing at Twilight.
Pastel on board approx 14"x12". May 07. The lower picture is a copy of the original.